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Oftentimes, when people have to talk about being guilty before The Lord, they go into self-defense mode. I attacked, brutally tortured and then killed these small children. I participated in some charities and I was very polite to people. Jesus came to Earth to live a perfect life as a man. To never sin and then offer Himself as a sacrifice to take the punishment for us on the cross. Jesus chose to take the wrath of God for all people. He paid the penalty for our sin. And then someone walked in, wrote out a check for a million and gave it to the judge.

What would the judge say? Justice has been served. Your debt has been paid. Jesus did that for us.

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Not just talking the talk. They then have to start living to build a relationship with God by reading the Bible, going to church, praying and living a better life meaning less sin.


Romans 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Search this website. Witnessing 1. Related posts:. People of the Bible Moses. Conversely, you may be called by an attorney who is defending the contractor, seller, broker or inspector.

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The attorney will briefly outline the nature of the litigation to get your reaction as to whether you believe you can help win the case. At this point, I ask the attorney to send me all the information on the case and I explain that there is no charge for this initial review. I commit to a quick review of the documents and a decision as to whether I can be of help. As I review the documents provided, I ponder several things, including the following:. Am I comfortable with the technical aspects involved? You must be thoroughly versed in the technical issues surrounding the case.

This forms the basis for you to be helpful in winning the case and avoiding embarrassment when pitted against other technical experts in the courtroom. Can I offer advice and testimony that could be pivotal in winning this case? Do your homework; check your reference sources. What you think you know might not be completely applicable in this case. Be sure you are on the right track. And most importantly, am I ready, willing and able to rigorously defend my opinions against a potential onslaught of experts and lawyers on the other side of the case?

This should be a spelled-out contract that you have developed with your business attorney.

It will incorporate your fee schedule and all the things for which you expect to be compensated. This includes telephone consulting, site visits, report writing, research, depositions, court appearances, and incidental things such as photographs and travel expenses.

Consider asking for a retainer to cement your relationship. And be sure to make the attorney your client, not the litigant. This will help you collect your fees, especially if your side loses! This is where the rubber meets the road. You may have quite an entourage of attendees at this event. Litigants, the attorneys from both sides and other interested parties. Be polite, but save your conclusions for later. Be sure to take any notes, photos and measurements you may need.

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I like to take many photos so I can refer to them without having to make a second site visit—although in complex cases, a second visit may be required. I include a list of those who attended the site visit, the address and description of the property, the date, the weather conditions, the reasons why I was there and how I conducted the inspection. I state what I saw and what, if any, tools I used for example, a moisture meter , and what measurements and photos I took.

This report can be pivotal, so I make it as detailed and complete as possible, draw the strongest conclusions possible, and then state my unwavering and absolute opinion.

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My goal is to help the attorney achieve an immediate settlement on the basis of this report and I have been successful in doing so with an overwhelming majority of cases. This saves a lot of time and money for all parties. Lawyers like this and so do I! It is important to remember that this report is different from a retail home inspection report, which must be factual and without drastic conclusions. Report facts and let your clients decide if they still want to buy the house.

However, when acting as an expert witness, you are being called on to give your opinion. An expert witness is the only person the court allows to do this.

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All others must testify only to facts. Also remember, your opinion will be challenged and you must be ready to react based on your knowledge and experience. The opposition will call in experts to counter your findings. They may be registered architects or licensed engineers. I have never lost a case where these professionals have challenged me.