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He is all knowing,powerful and He cannot compromise with His laws and principles. But there is another fact that God loves us and He has compassion on us,He loves us to the extent that He sent His beloved Son to bear the suffering that we deserved. So try to understand God by His own words, that is bible. Have faith in God along with patience and keep praying. God will answer all your prayers. God bless you. This is so even if I do not pray. But it is true also that no one can change my destiny. This means I do not have any freewill. My present action reap is based always on my past reasons sow.

That means I do not have my freewill at the present moment. So it will be impossible for me to change my destiny.

How to Find and Fulfil Your God-Given Purpose

Spirit is same as soul. That means, my soul is my God and your soul is your God. Our destiny is created by simultaneous action reaction of all souls. That is our global destiny. If I can change my destiny, then the destiny of everybody else will also change, which is impossible.

Every person has a God-given destiny. Pray In your prayer times, all you have to do is ask God what His will is for your life.

See a Problem?

That leads us to step 2. Many times the answer will be in that Bible verse or in that passage of Scripture. And remember, no one can stop your destiny. What God said He will do, will come to pass. God cannot lie. The more you help others, the more God will help you. Also, it will take your mind off of the waiting period.

Your best days are ahead of you. Hopper Walter on May 27, at am. Wendelin Phillips on May 27, at pm. Janette on May 27, at pm. Sandeep on December 19, at pm. Vera Lee on December 20, at am. Obinna Neboh on May 30, at am. Cody on July 31, at pm. And my faith is slipping Reply.

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Chidon on October 31, at pm. Always study the word of God and pray. That is the only way to hear Him more. Shristi Sinha on January 19, at am. Thanks for this educated post.

2 Steps to Seeking God’s Will

Because He has a purpose for each of us—a destiny we are to fulfill. Point Two: God has His eye on us. Point Three: We sometimes fail and falter. Verse 3 says Joshua was standing before the Lord in filthy clothes, symbolizing the sin which trips us up as we walk through life. Are you struggling to move forward into the destiny God has for your life? Has failure or opposition caused you to give up the pursuit of His calling for you? I want to give you this assurance—that God knows you better than you know yourself.

He calls you to do what He knows He can enable you to do—provided you depend on His grace. Not on your own ability.

Fulfilling your God-given destiny

Every time we begin to depend on our own ability, we get into trouble. Do you know that? A glorious fact about our calling is that the purpose and grace of God was given us in Christ before time began.

Your Destiny is Calling

Can your mind conceive that? Before there was a world—before God created anything—He knew you. And in Christ, He had a plan for you before the world started. See how important you are? Nothing grieves me more than to hear Christians talk about themselves as unimportant or insignificant. There is no such thing as an insignificant Christian. Every one of us is vitally important. God has a special plan and a purpose for every one of us.

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  • And it started in eternity. Secondly, He chose you. Third, He predestined you. That means He worked out the course that your life was to take. What I want to tell you is that you are not an accident looking for somewhere to happen. Have you grasped that? Without a doubt, proclamation is one of the mightiest weapons to use in that battle. Lord, I know You have plucked me out of the fire of the culture around me. You have a redemptive purpose for my life.

    I also know that the adversary is working overtime to prevent me from coming into the fullness of Your plan for me. I confess that at various times, through my own disobedience and sin, I have failed and messed up the process of fulfilling Your purpose for my life. Forgive me, Lord, for allowing my own sin and the accusation of the enemy to deter me from my destiny in You.

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    I know You are watching over me. Even now, Your eyes are upon me—not in condemnation, but with every intention to cleanse me and renew Your calling in me. By faith, I receive new robes—the righteousness provided me through Your shed blood on the cross. I bow my head before You to receive a clean turban—the renewal of my calling as Your follower. By faith, I renounce the accusations of the enemy which have held me back. I am not an accident—I am a brand plucked from the fire.